What Is Another Word For Ambitious?

Is desire a bad thing?

Desire is not the enemy to a happy and balanced life.

It is not a roadblock to experiencing a higher self.

In fact, desire can often be the driver for all that greater awareness and consciousness we so often seek..

What is the meaning of greatest desire?

See wish. 3. Desire, craving, longing, yearning suggest feelings that impel one to the attainment or possession of something. Desire is a strong feeling, worthy or unworthy, that impels to the attainment or possession of something that is (in reality or imagination) within reach: a desire for success.

What is a antonym for ambitious?

Antonyms. unambitious unenterprising unadventurous lethargic unneurotic.

Is ambitious a positive word?

The word ambitious can be used to describe both positive and the negative traits of someone’s personality, depending on context.

Is ambitious a personality trait?

Since it is a personality trait, ambition is stable and consistent over time. Ambitious people have an enduring interest in seeing that their efforts tie to outcomes of success like promotions or pay raises. This differs from a people high in achievement motivation desires.

What do you call a person who gets everything they want?

People who do whatever they please can be called “solipsists” (those who believe “that the self is the only existent thing”) or “sociopaths” (“a mentally ill or unstable individual; especially : one having an antisocial personality”). The nicest words for such people are “inconsiderate” and “egocentric”.

What do you call a person who has big dreams?

visionary. nounperson who dreams, is idealistic.

What is an ambitious person called?

Noun. A keen and enthusiastic person who works very hard. eager beaver. fireball.

Is it a sin to desire?

“Desire as a sin” is a concept from Western religions; a concept that has, unfortunately taken root over large parts of the world. Desire is natural – it is what we do with desire that matters. … As per Abrahamic Christianity, entire human life is sin, so why just desire, everything you do are and do and think is sin.

Is it OK to lack ambition?

There is nothing wrong with a person who has no ambition. I know many people who have no ambition and they are not unhappier than those who have high ambition. Ambition can make your life great and it can also make your life miserable.

What is another name for desire?

Synonyms foraspiration.eagerness.fascination.hunger.lust.thirst.will.wish.

What’s a word for self motivated?

What is another word for self-motivated?ambitiouscommitteddrivendynamicenergeticenthusiasticforcefulgo-aheadkeenself-directed235 more rows

What is another word for self driven?

What is another word for self-driven?drivendeterminedself-assertivefull of determinationearnestardentaspiringeagerambitiousenthusiastic235 more rows

What is the synonym of ambitious?

In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ambitious, like: high flying, ostentatious, striving, difficult, grand, ardent, bold, determined, , thirsty and pushing.

What is the antonym for ambition?

ambition. Antonyms: indifference, inappetency, contentment, moderation. Synonyms: aspiration, emulation, appetition.